Our Story

We think our love story is very distinct. As we shared our love to each other in 3 different countries. Our story started In Germany. We were there for student exchange programme for a month. The place was named Kolpinghaus where we were living. In whole month we talked for 2times hardly but then in last week we were so close and we roamed around the city with hand in hand and the story started on 15th October,2015. ALDI was the place,where we went first and shared our past and a drink.Unfortunately, time was little and we came back to India. The worst part he is from Vadodara and I am from Ahmedabad. So, long distance…

And our story started to grow in 2nd country India.We used to talk on skype and whatsapp. He used to come Ahmedabad once or twice in month. But, that feeling,joy,happiness and love when we meet is beyond explanation.Once I went to Vadodara for 2 days in Uttarayan,2016. At that time he told me that he is planning to do his masters in other country after his bachelors and my heart sinked.Because, there was one and half year left for my bachelors and we were not able to grow together.

Later, problems took place in our story, some insecurities, fights, not talking to each for so long .We would say, too many downs and not a single up.And he finally decided to go to Australia. Again, our hearts were heavy but it was for his good future.We bid good bye to eachother on 26th February,2017. We both thought we wont be able to survive our relation. At this very moment toughest time started for our love. It felt like Almighty was taking our exam.The road was not smooth but then there is always light at the end of the tunnel. We got hope and I started to plan my masters in Australia.

With god’s grace all went well and we both were again together in Australia.He came to pick me up at airport. At that time we both felt so much distance from eachother. We both felt so different. So, we started here as friends in Australia.But yet we travelled in Sydney a lot together. We both knew that we love travelling .Travelling made us fall for eachother again. After surviving a lot finally we decided to involve our parents.

Here, we are ,going to start a new journey as husband and wife on 16th February,2020. A toast to forever…!!